Working with Lawyers
Top 10 Public Relations Tips for Attorneys
by Shank Public Relations Counselors

1. Bring public relations counsel on to the team at the ground level — the earlier the better.

2. Listen to your public relations counsel, they bring a big picture view point to an issue, beyond the immediate pending litigation or issue.

3. Recognize that most issues transcend courtrooms or law offices, especially in public policy.

4. Rely on your public relations experts’ experience in dealing with the media.

5. Utilize the public relations professional’s resources and networks with various community groups.

6. Understand the difference between writing legal documents and writing for the general public. Your public relations counsel can translate “legalese” into “common” English.

7. Follow your public relations professional’s counsel in structuring statements to media and the public.

8. In public policy issues, openness breeds respect; hiding breeds contempt, confusion and massive migraine headaches.

9. Never say NO COMMENT.

10. A two-martini, two-hour lunch won’t help your public relations predicament.