“These people don’t take on S*!&bags for clients” – crisis client

“You’re in good hands!” – corp. pr manager

“I appreciated your warm and enthusiastic greeting.
Please accept my personal gratitude.”
– consul general

“You are a lifesaver!”
– Washington, D.C. attorney

“We would not be where are today in Indiana if not for your efforts on our behalf.”
— corp. vice president.

“The Japan-America Society of Indiana Bridges to Japan was a huge success at the Indiana State Fair thanks to your dedicated work and innovative use of traditional and social media. I wish you all the best and continued success.”
— Gregory A. Ballard, Mayor, City of Indianapolis

“You made the right choice to get your side of the story out.” — a reporter to a crisis client following a solid interview.

“You did Great!” — client market manager

“You’ve made a difference, a huge one. I have to wonder at the amount of ‘billable hours’ for all of your contributions. Your unvarnished honesty has been very important.” — professor at a major university

“Your entire crew made things very easy on our end.  We were happy to be a part of it!”
– sponsor after special event

“AWESOME!” – retail store manager

“Good stuff – thanks for the quick turnaround” – public affairs dir.

“The great success of the exhibit would not have been possible without Shank Public Relations Counselors.” – major not-for-profit executive director

“Your overview on the call was well received. You’ve made my job so easy, I’m really proud of how things are shaping up!” — corp. comm. Manager

“This has received accolades from our leadership and foundation teams. Very well done.”
public affairs dir.

“Everyone loved the annual report!!! Thanks to all of you for your dedication in getting this to us on time” — a major youth-oriented not-for-profit

“Thanks for the great work.” corp. comm. manager

“This is Awesome!” — following a special event

“You’re working for one of the best in the business!” — comment from a professor to an intern.

“Thanks for all of your good advice and prep work.
Even with the nasty weather things worked out well.”
— corp. vice president