Intern Program


An internship at Shank Public Relations Counselors continues a student’s collegiate experience through work at a full-service public relations company.  It includes opportunities to apply theories learned in the classroom and practice the art and science of public relations in a real-world setting.  It should be a beneficial experience for the student intern, Shank Public Relations Counselors and our clients.

Ethical Internship Guidelines

Shank Public Relations Counselors supports and adheres to the Public Relations Society of America’s Professional Standards Advisory PS-17 (February 2011) concerning the ethical payment and treatment of interns.

Goals and Objectives

Shank Public Relations Counselors is committed to a structured, supervised program that allows the intern a wide variety of professional experiences.  Those should include:

  • commitment to making the internship a learning experience
  • appropriate orientation
  • opportunity to work on a variety of projects for both corporate and non-profit clients
  • specific days scheduled working with each public relations professional in the firm
  • participation in staff meetings, brainstorming sessions and other company promotional activities
  • prioritization of tasks so jobs are completed on schedule
  • involvement in at least one project from beginning to end
  • performance of both routine and creative tasks
  • development of materials appropriate for the intern’s professional portfolio
  • academic credit from the student’s college or university is desired
  • periodic evaluations throughout the semester

Intern Job Description

  • The intern will work 22-40 hours each week for one semester or summer for an appropriate hourly wage.
  • The intern must sign a temporary work contract that includes a confidentiality provision.  Internships are paid.
  • The intern will receive work assignments from one supervisor.
  • The intern’s work will be constructively reviewed and critiqued.
  • The intern may have the opportunity to work additional hours by mutual agreement.
  • The intern is not eligible for employee benefits.

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For more information contact our internship coordinator!