Intern Tips: Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviews


  • Include basic college education, previous intern and related work experience
  • Give permanent (home) and campus addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Keep it to one page
  • List appropriate extracurricular, leadership, charities and awards
  • Include relevant computer skills
  • Double check for typos and other errors
  • Include statement about, “References and Portfolio Available Upon Request”
  • Hint: always check with references before including them on your list

Cover Letter

  • Do your research – show you know something about us
  • Customize and personalize each one
  • Review job description and speak to its points
  • Highlight your skills appropriate for this job
  • Tell me about your real-world experience
  • If you live outside my town, tell me how you’ll deal with commuting
  • Keep it to one page
  • Double check for typos and other errors
  • Say when you will follow up with a call and do it!

Interview Tips

  • Be on time, appropriately dressed and bring your portfolio
  • Be familiar with what you have in your portfolio and how you have it arranged
  • Listen to questions asked before answering
  • Have a notepad and pen ready to write down questions or where to send additional information
  • Have questions in mind to ask about the internship and/or the company
  • Research the company – Website, Google and previous interns
  • Be yourself and have fun!