Crisis Communications

You’ll never see some of our best work. Shank Public Relations Counselors is known for its expert handling of crisis communications for clients. We may not be as visible as others, but that’s intentional. Our work is often behind the scenes, protecting the reputation of crisis clients.

We are available 24/7 days, nights, weekends and holidays. When the crisis hits, we’re there for you.

We’d say more, but we can’t

You’ll find brief summaries below of some of our crisis work. We don’t say more than that, because protecting the client’s confidentiality is implicit in our professional standards and the relationships we have with our clients.

  • Central Soya, Indianapolis plant explosion, EPA settlement – Crisis communication, consulting, news conference and community meetings
  • Denny’s Restaurant, hostage incident – Crisis communication and ongoing community relations, store reopening
  • Pepsi, product tampering – Crisis and media communication
  • Key Bank, manager killed by disgruntled customer – Crisis and media communication
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer – FDA voluntary recall
  • Insurance company – Crisis communications regarding threatened license suspension
  • Building owner/construction company – Crisis and media communication when high profile tenant moved out claiming building was unsafe
  • Commercial real estate company – Community relations after the shooting death of a police officer on their property
  • Duke Energy, community opposition to site for peak power plant – Messaging, community relations
  • Hospital, potential media coverage of a wrongful death allegation – Crisis consulting
  • Senior living facility, widespread illness and hospitalization of residents – Crisis communication
  • Hospitality industry, outbreak of customer illness that could have been food borne – Crisis communication
  • School district, land acquisition – Crisis communication
  • Individual professional, allegations of ghost employment – Reputation preservation
  • Food industry, story on national TV news prime time magazine alleging product is harmful – Strategy, preparation and messaging
  • Steel mill, community opposition to site, environmental issues – Community relations, messaging and research
  • Manufacturer, oil spill – Crisis communication and consulting
  • School district, student suicide – Crisis communication consulting
  • Environmental company, criminal charges filed against key employees – Crisis communication
  • Retail location, store closing – Crisis and employee communication
  • Service business, sexual harassment charges against an executive — Crisis communication
  • Professional services firm, embezzlement by a partner – Crisis communication and consulting
  • Not-for-profit organization, severe injury to a client – Crisis communication
  • Professional services firm, pending criminal charges and suicide of a part owner – Crisis communication and consulting
  • Not-for-profit organization, arrest and trial of a former employee for rape – Crisis communication
  • School district, murder of a student – Crisis communication consulting
  • Not-for-profit organization, emergence of an opposition group – Crisis communication consulting
  • Environmental firm, filing of an environmental law suit – Communication consulting, spokesperson messaging
  • Hospital, professional services provider not licensed – Crisis and internal communication
  • Senior living facility, damage and subsequent closure of a facility due to mine subsidence – Crisis consulting
  • Professional services firm, financial errors – Reputation preservation
  • Senior living facility, charges of sexual assault – Crisis consulting
  • Environmental facility, fire – Crisis communication
  • Senior living facility, negative ratings by a regulator’s inspection – Crisis communication
  • Insurance company, consumer protest over insurance practices – Crisis communication
  • Senior living facility, suicide, weapon on premises – Crisis communication
  • Retail firm, community opposition to site
  • Steel mill, bankruptcy and closure – Crisis and media communication
  • Environmental facility, community opposition to site
  • Title company, allegations of fraud – Crisis communication
  • Manufacturing company, labor issues – Crisis, media and internal communication