Our Culture

It may not be a technical definition of culture, but our brand is our company culture: Hard work, responsive, strategic, intelligent, curious, sometimes painfully honest with clients and media and we have fun while taking your business seriously.

Having fun means freeing your mind and being able to look at old ways of doing things in a new way! We hate ribbon cutting ceremonies – BORING, but finding a new way to symbolize the event in a more relevant fashion led us to creating a pipe-cutting ceremony for a national water company.

Our business – meeting your strategic objectives – is inherently stressful. We have a lot of stress relievers in our office that take the edge off, but keep the focus on your program. On David’s desk is a stack of toys for people who come in and talk with him. They instinctively pick up the slinky or the green pointy thing and play with it while they talk, leading to a more relaxed and productive conversation.

Our culture. Our brand. Call it what you want, but that’s us!